Age: 3-12 Years Old

Skills: Geography, Science

Why We Like It: Instill a love of travel in your children and deepen their understanding of cultures around the world with the Little Passports program.  Most families don’t have the funds to fly across the country, let alone the whole globe. But that doesn’t mean your children shouldn’t learn about who and what’s out there.

Each month your child will receive an age-appropriate package designed to build knowledge and spark curiosity.

You can choose kits with either a geography or science focus. The activities included, which range from maps, to destination-specific activities, STEM experiments, travel souvenirs and their very own “passport” will help take your child’s thinking to places beyond your own backyard. They can explore cultures, recipes, and new ideas.

Don’t be surprised if your kids develop a love of travel and adventure as a result!

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What You Should Know:  Little Passports was founded by two moms with a passion for travel and global citizenship. You can choose from multiple monthly subscription plans, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

The welcome package from the Little Passports travel program includes a miniature suitcase, passport, activities, and a map of the world. There are different subscription kits available for different age groups.

little passports our picks
Early Explorers: Age 3-5
Introduce geography to your preschooler!  Each kit explores a new world theme each month, like music, oceans and dinosaurs.
World Edition: Age 6-10
You child can explore the world, one country at a time, with souvenirs and hands-on activities to represent each country they visit.
USA Edition: Age 7-12
Each month, your child will receive a magazine-sized activity booklet that covers two states and is filled with educational games, puzzles, word games, worksheets, arts and crafts, and so much more. 
Science Expeditions: Age 9+
Solve real-life scientific mysteries every month through science experiments, hands-on STEM activities and more.

Little Passports is a unique, memorable and thoughtful present kids are sure to love.  


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