Age: 1 – 3 Years Old

Skills Learned: Letters, Phonics

Why We Like It: The LeapFrog AlphaPup toy is a sweet doggie friend for little ones. When you pull the string to take pup out for a walk, you hear the ABC song along with alphabet and letter sounds.

Colorful stripes on AlphaPup’s sweater double as buttons that trigger letter sounds and names to help teach children phonics and early vocabulary.

Basically your child can become familiar with letters and words while walking with their new best friend.

The way the little dog wobbles along behind your child is super cute. His wagging tail makes kids excited!

What You Should Know: This toy requires 3 AAA batteries (which are included). It’s also a very sturdy toy. Even after much walking and button pressing AlphaPup keeps on going.

Kids get the benefit of gross motor skill and phonics development while having fun, imaginative play with a dog. (And you don’t need to worry about them pulling this doggie’s tail like you would with a real dog).

Kids love pretend play with a puppy, why not combine that with letter and phonics learning? The LeapFrog AlphaPup toy might be your child’s new best friend.

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