What It Is: The iSiLER Portable Nursery Lamp is a super cool looking squishy night light to help soothe baby to sleep. It is so cool, in fact, we may have bought one for our adult bedroom.

Why We Like It: The touch controlled portable nursery lamp has three separate brightness levels. It can cycle through six colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, creating a dreamy fairy tale effect for baby (or mom after a hard day). It has a sleep mode that automatically turns the night light off after 30 minutes, so no need to worry as baby drifts off. Within sleep mode, you can gently pat the cover and the light will automatically turn on again. Which helps reduce the chance of disturbing others when you have to wake up to feed baby in the middle of the night.

The portable night lamp is safe and non-toxic; just in case you or your baby get the urge to bite the squishy exterior. It’s jellyfish cover is made of food-grade silicone and is soft to the touch. It’s small and easy to take with you and place in any room. What’s even cooler is that it comes with a pattern theme cover you can use to cast a beautiful landscape on your walls.

Seriously, we love this thing! Get one for your baby and yourself.

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