Meal time with a toddler requires a special level of training. You must be prepared to dodge flying peas, catch falling meatballs, or wipe up spilled juice before it gets all over your work files.

And the floor! Don’t get us started on how many times you need to mop the darned floor!

But before you completely run out of patience, let us tell you about this super cool placemat/ bowl/ smiley-faced gizmo that is a real game changer when it comes to toddler mealtime shenanigans.


Your Toddler Feeding Solution

It’s called the EZPZ Happy Mat, and we can’t tell you how much we love this thing. We’re wiping less, mopping less, and our picky kid has fun eating off it to boot.

The EZPZ Happy Mat is kind of like a big suction cup that’s designed to function as a placemat. It sticks easily to flat surfaces, which prevents your kid from launching it across the room.  No more need to shout “incoming!”

It’s made from 100% food-grade silicone, which means it’s safe for your toddler to put his gummy little mouth all over it. The mats are completely BPA, BPS, PVC, latex, and phthalate free. They’re also hypoallergenic and dishwasher safe.

In fact, we don’t actually think of the EZPZ Happy Mat as just a “placemat”, it’s more like a food station. There are three small compartments molded into the surface to hold your child’s food. That means fewer items your kid can grab and launch across the room. Hallelujah!

The EZPZ also helps kids develop hand-eye coordination. Instead of “cheating” by dumping their food onto the table, toddlers have to actually use utensils to maneuver it into their mouths.

Another fun feature of the EZPZ Happy Mat is it makes clean up a breeze if you’ve got other kids over. You simply stack the mats on top of each other and nothing will spill. They suction together to trap the food between the mats. Cool, right?

EZPZ Happy Bowl


There are also deeper EZPZ Happy Bowls you can buy in case you want to serve something like pasta or oatmeal.  

An added bonus of the EZPZ Happy Mat is that the cute shapes (smiley-faces, care bears, flowers, etc.) encourage picky eaters to give new foods a try. Particularly if you arrange the food in a fun way on the mat.

EZPZ Care Bear Mat


Are you starting to love these things as much as we do? If all this all weren’t enough, the EZPZ Happy Mat was even featured on Shark Tank!

The EZPZ Happy Mat is a seriously cool product that any household with a wild-eating toddler will want to own.


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