Have you heard the term “growth mindset”? It’s a way of thinking that can actually help kids become smarter.

A child with a growth mindset believes they can improve their abilities through practice and hard-work. It makes sense that if we want to raise resilient human beings who see challenges as learning opportunities, we want to encourage a growth mindset for kids.

There are some great children’s books that can help!

These stories illustrate how perseverance and positivity lead to success.

They also show kids that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s all part of the learning process that helps them improve.

So grab one or two of these special books to read along with your little learner.

You’ll be fostering a growth mindset for kids that can help them succeed throughout their life.


Best Books : Growth Mindset For Kids


1. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes


Author: Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein

Age: 4 – 8 Years Old

What It’s About: The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes is the story of Beatrice Bottomwell, a nine-year-old who’s practically perfect. She never forgets her homework and she always wins the yearly talent show at school.

Beatrice is one of those kids who always seems to get it right… until one day she doesn’t.

Why It’s Important: This story teaches kids that it’s okay to make mistakes. Beatrice does, and everything turns out fine.

Kids also learn the importance of not taking themselves too seriously.



2. Thanks For The Feedback (I Think!)


Author: Julia Cook

Age: 5 – 10 Years Old

What It’s About: Thanks For The Feedback (I Think!) is the sixth in the “Best Me I Can Be” series.

This story follows RJ through his day where he gets some compliments, that he in’t quite sure how to handle. RJ also gets some corrective feedback, which he initially argues with.  

Why It’s Important: Along with RJ, your kids will learn what it means to receive positive and negative feedback, and how to respond appropriately to both.

The story teaches how to accept praise and learn and grow from criticism. Valuable lessons that help develop a growth mindset for kids.



3. Your Fantastic, Elastic Brain


Author: JoAnn Deak Ph.D.

Age: 4 – 8 Years Old

What It’s About: Your Fantastic, Elastic Brain is the ultimate growth mindset book for kids.

This book explains how just like lifting weights makes your muscles stronger, trying new things without giving up makes your brain stronger.

It’s a fun introduction to the anatomy and functions of the brain.


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Why It’s Important: It explains to kids, in a way they can understand, what the brain is all about.

It’ll help your children see their own abilities and potential. It does a great job of making the concept of a growth mindset understandable to young readers.



4. The Most Magnificent Thing


Author: Ashley Spires

Age: 3 – 7 Years Old

What It’s About: The Most Magnificent Thing is an engaging book about a girl who has a big idea. She is going to make something MAGNIFICENT!

Our heroine knows how it will look and just how it will work, but making her thing is not easy. She tries and fails, repeatedly. Then she gets so mad, so she quits

Why It’s Important: After she takes a walk, the girl comes back to her project and completes here magnificent thing!

The story is a great example of the rewards of hard work, perseverance and outside the box thinking. A fun tale of resilience kids can relate to.



5. What Do You Do With An Idea?

Author: Kobi Yamada

Age: 5 – 8 Years Old

What It’s About: What Do You Do With An Idea? Is a New York Times best-seller. This is the story of one big idea and the child that brings it into the world.

As the child becomes more confident and learns to believe in himself, the idea grows and develops.


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Why It’s Important: This story really demonstrates how to handle an idea that seems a little TOO big, too unmanageable, or too hard.

It inspires kids to let their ideas grow, and to not be worried if they can’t act on them yet. It’s okay to let something develop over time…that’s how the creative magic happens.



6. Beautiful Oops!


Author: Barney Saltzberg

Age: 2 – 7 Years Old

What It’s About: Beautiful Oops! Is a story that shows kids that what might look like a mistake at first, can actually become something great.

A spill becomes the shape of an animal, a tear in a piece of paper becomes the mouth of an alligator. Mistakes lead to great things!

Why It’s Important: This book teaches that mistakes lead to learning and creativity. The book is filled with pop-ups, tears, holes, overlays, etc. that demonstrate the magic of turning something “wrong” into art.

The story demonstrates how experimentation can lead to imaginative and beautiful results.



7. The Dot


Author: Peter H. Reynolds

Age: 4 – 8 Years Old

What It’s About: The Dot is a story of encouragement.

Vashti is frustrated after art class because, as she says, “I just can’t draw!”. Her teacher tells her to just make a mark and see where it takes you.

From a humble little dot on a piece of paper, an entire collection of art is born!

Why It’s Important: Kids will relate to the feelings of frustration Vashti has when she feels like she can’t do something.

Then they’ll see the magic of what happens when you just take one step forward, or in this case draw just one dot.

It’s a great example of the growth mindset in action.



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