Category: Convertible Seat

Weight: 23 lbs.

Size: 21 x 18.5 x 26 in.

Capacity: 5 – 40 lbs. rear-facing, 20 – 55 lbs. forward-facing

Why We Like It: The Britax Roundabout G4.1 Convertible is one of the top-rated car seats for parents, and with good reason. The high safety ratings and ability to grow with your child through several years and different stages means you’ll have fewer car seats to buy. Here are just a few of the many reasons why we love this seat.

First is the convenience. For parents who do not want to buy multiple seats as their child gets bigger, the Britax Roundabout has a wide weight limit that can accommodate babies as small as 5 lbs. or as large as 30 lbs. The straps can adjust through four different levels to also fit children of many different heights. A removable body pillow provides more protection and comfort for smaller babies and can be easily taken out when your baby gets bigger.

As your child grows, the re-threading process is easy. In fact, this seat can safely fit children up to 46 inches, meaning you could use this seat from birth through the preschool years. With three different reclining positions, you can adjust the seat to be comfortable for whatever stage your child is in. The deep protective shell means your child will be protected from crash debris and force no matter what size he or she is.

The seat is also designed to easily attach into the anchors of your car. Installation is simple and a push-button release means moving the seat into another vehicle is quick. Britax car seats are also the only seats that use “SafeCell” impact protection. The 2-strap, V-shaped design means your child will move less during a crash and be securely protected. The tether uses staged-release stitches to absorb the impact in an accident and reduce any forward movement. The 5-point harness is also designed to prevent twisting and tangles, reducing the risk of improper restraining.

Cons: The only real complaint we’ve heard from (some) parents is that the Roundabout lacked the non-thread adjustable height mechanism of other Britax seats. But with a lower price point, we don’t think parents looking for a good value will mind too much.

Overall, we feel that the Britax Roundabout G4.1 is a solid convertible car seat at a good price. With easy installation, the ability to handle babies of all sizes and some of the highest safety ratings around, this seat is a great option for new parents.

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