What It Is: Everyone knows what a thermometer is, and I think we all know why moms need one. Here’s what you might not know… those cheap ones you see at drugstores? When the chips are down, they aren’t gonna cut it. The readings fluctuate all over the place and when you have a sick kid, you need accuracy. That’s why we like the Braun Ear Thermometer. It features a patented pre-warmed tip. This feature minimizes the cooling effect on the ear canal that can result from using room-temperature tips, meaning you get the most accurate results possible.

Why We Like It: We like it because this thermometer gives pretty consistent results. Its also helpful if your kids get fussy. The ThermoScan measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue, giving an accurate temperature in just a few seconds, before your little one has time to wiggle away. You can even take a sick baby’s temperature while he or she is sleeping, without worrying about an unscheduled wake-up.

The Braun ear thermometer includes a few other cool features such as, a guidance system that gives visual and audible reassurance the thermometer has been positioned correctly, a memory function that will pull up your last reading (for comparison), and it comes with 2 AA batteries, 21 lens filters and a protective case. It may cost a little more than the basic drug store variety, but we think it’s worth it.

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