Category: Baby Monitor, Alarm, and Lullaby.

What It Is:  The Baby Monitor & Alarm app by TappyTaps acts as a baby monitor and alerts you when your baby wakes up and starts crying by calling your second phone (which doesn’t have to be a smartphone).  The app can also be set to play lullabies or read fairy tales to your baby to lull them to sleep.

Why We Like It:  For the lullaby feature, you can select a song from the music library or record your own voice singing or reading your baby’s favorite story.  You can also set the app to play your voice or a song if your child wakes up to help get them back to sleep.  In addition, the Baby Monitor & Alarm activity log records every event and every noise. Afterwards, you can review the sounds and events of the night and replay or email yourself this information.

ou can check out Baby Monitor and Alarm here.