Category: Configureable Tandem Double Stroller

Weight: 43 lbs

Size: 25.8 x 43.5 x 38.5

Capacity: Minimum: 5 lbs. Maximum: 45 lbs (per seat). 6 mos to 5 years

Car Seat Compatibility: You can mix and match seats, bassinets and car seats to suit your family’s needs into over 16 different combinations (Car Seats, Bassinet Kits and accessories – sold separately).

Why We Like It: This stroller makes life easier when traveling with two little ones. The Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Stroller includes a versatile City Select stroller with an added second seat. It’s a great way to keep a multi-child family moving with a customizable design.

Front facing, parent facing or sibling facing, this City Select offers the convenience of a double stroller in a smaller, more maneuverable design. It’s good for amusement park trips and urban life as you can move through crowded spaces more easily than with a side-by-side stroller.

The City Select works for both parents of twins, and parents with a toddler and infant. This stroller makes several accommodations as children grow, from canopies that rise 24” above the seat (higher than most) to a seat width of 12.5 inches.

Cons: Despite the name, the Baby Jogger City Select is not intended for jogging. It’s also a heavy stroller, which makes getting it in and out of a car (particularly if you’re not strong) a daunting task.

If you know you’re going to be traveling with two, and you want to customize the seating arrangement and get the added maneuverability of a front-to-back design, the Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Stroller may be the choice for you.

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