A mom’s life is a busy life! We know that sometimes you can’t make it to a studio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your yoga fix. Here are some resources to help you establish a yoga practice at home.

Are You A DVD Person?  

Here’s a couple of well reviewed programs you can try, based on your skill level.

Yoga Stretch For Beginners and Beyond

This is a yoga inspired stretch routine perfect for beginners (or mama’s getting back into the groove after having their baby). This program develops a foundation for strength, flexibility and stamina. It doesn’t include any sanskrit terminology or chanting, so it’s an easy place to start.

Rodney Yee – Intermediate Yoga

Yee is a well known master yogi with an impressive array of DVDs available. This one is perfect for when you start to build your strength and are ready to progress to the next level.

Power Yoga Collection: 3 Full-Length Programs

If you are an accomplished yogi and really want to push yourself in your home practice, Rodney Yee has put together three of his most challenging routines onto one DVD. This disc includes yoga burn, power yoga, and yoga conditioning for athletes. You will sweat with these strong sequences.

Yoga For Families: Connect With Your Kids

Maybe you want to include the kiddos in your practice? Here’s a DVD designed to get your kids on the mat with you. You can make yoga a family affair.

Are You An App Person?

There are lots of yoga apps available, here are some of the most popular and well reviewed ones out there.

5 Minute Yoga (iOS)

“I don’t have time” will no longer cut it with this app. 5 Minute Yoga, is an iOS yoga app that provides more than 350 short but effective yoga sessions all designed to be done in 5 minutes or less. Sessions are created from a library of illustrated poses with detailed instructions, along with a timer to ensure that poses are done for the proper amount of time. Additionally, users can also select music from their library to play for each session. Perfect for beginners.

Down Dog

If you get bored doing the same yoga routine every time, Down Dog is the solution to your problems. Each time you log in for a session, you’re greeted with a brand new sequence, which will keep things interesting. Choose your playlist and how long you want the session to last, and the app will create a session that fits your needs and experience level.

Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio app comes loaded with 65 classes, organized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can also find workouts that specifically target flexibility, relaxation, strength, and more. It’s also customizable, you can pick and download a class, or create and save a class that you design by picking individual poses to string together. With more than 280 poses and instructions in the library, you won’t run out of skills to master anytime soon!

Basic Equipment

Once you’re ready to start your home practice, you might want to think about having the right equipment on hand. The basics you’ll need for a home studio include a quality yoga mat, a yoga towel (we love this one), a strap, and some yoga blocks.

Now you’re ready to get the physical benefit of moving your body, and the emotional benefits of relaxing your mind….without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can do your poses early in the morning before the kiddos are awake, or after you put them down for the night. It’s a win-win for yogi moms. Get ready to say Ohmmm.